cordless dect voip

cordless_dect_voipThe DECT5020 cordless dect voip phone is provided in a number of packages to provide a solution to meet your organisation’s needs.   cordless_dect_voip.pdf

The DECT solutions can be a real problem solver for companies with workers who require mobile-communications in the workplace, improving worker efficiencies and reducing annual communication costs. For large sites, hospitals, concert venues, warehousing, hot-desking, hotels or wherever personnel need to be contactable on the move, Samsung’s VoIP-enabled telephony servers offer an array of sophisticated yet user-friendly functions.

The DECT300 cordless dect voip pack is the simplest and most cost-effective method to implement mobility within your office environment offering wireless connectivity to your OfficeServ7000 platform for up to 12 staff.  For more complex scenarios the DECT600 cordless dect voip system is an ideal way to improve the effectiveness of your communications. A wide variety of enhanced and integrated features is available and the registration of up to 480 terminals a DECT-600 scheme delivers stylish handsets for larger and more diverse working environments. This cordless dect voip technology compares favourably with Wi-Fi phones and is generally a more cost effective option.

You can learn more about the cordless dect voip D5020 at TelephoneSystemsDirect.  We’re a  Samsung-Electronics Platinum Business Partner and give you 25% discount on all your OfficeServ purchases.  0800 652 8052 connects you to our team of advisors.

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