cordless head sets

cordless_head_setscordless_head_sets_gn9330Cordless head sets are GREAT!  Our staff use cordless head sets all the time.  These cordless head sets free up their hands and allow them to wander away to a quieter part of the office to take that important telephone call.

There are quite a few cordless head sets around, so the question you’re asking is which one is right for you.  Speaking from experience we will always recommend Plantronics and their CS range.  We’ve sold loads of these cordless head sets to our UK customers to compliment their award-winning phone systems.  cordless_head_sets.pdf

We’ve posted a PDF on cordless head sets here, but if you require to know anything else about the pros and cons of cordless head sets….then ring us on 0800 652 8052.

TelephoneSystemsDirect is a very experienced telecoms dealership -  we’ve been voted SME Reseller of the Year recently and with our Platinum accreditation with Samsung for our main product line you can be assured of excellence.

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