cordless headset office

cordless_headset_officeRadiation!  That’s what we’re all being bombarded with when we are close to a cordless headset office.

But don’t be alarmed!  Every cordless headset office device sold in the UK has to meet the CE mark specification on SAR – that’s the specific absorption ratio – that applies to all mobiles, DECT and BlueTooth devices.

In our office over 50% of the staff regularly us a cordless headset – it means they can use a finger both hands to type with!  It also allows them to go outside, or into a quieter part of the office when they need to concentrate on a customer call.  They are noise-cancelling – but it is better that a client believes they have their undivided attention with no background noise apparent.

cordless_headset_office_bluetoothWe recommend Plantronics CS55 or CS60 connected to any handsets of the OfficeServ range. 

cordless_headset_office systems.pdf 


cordless_headset_office_PlatinumTelephoneSystemsDirect offers you OfficeServ7000 with 25% discounts.

What to Buy for Business magazine rated the OfficeServ7030 and OfficeServ7400 BEST BUYS.

Samsung Platinum accreditation is parts of what you benefit from with our telecoms solutions.

That’s 0800 652 8052 for a cordless headset office.

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