cordless headset phone wireless

cordless_headset_phone_wirelesscordless headset phone wireless – dispense with being tied to your desk when you’re talking on the phone.

cordless headset phone wireless – your headset is personal – everyone is different – in-the-ear, monaural or binaural earphones; under the chin or boom microphone; discrete and with visual busy indicator  cordless_headset.pdf

cordless headset phone wireless – your headset needs a phone to connect to – choose a BEST BUY phone system such as OfficeServ7030 from Samsung – we offer 25% discounts without you having to ask!  cordless_headset_phone_wireless.pdf

cordless headset phone wireless – Worried about radiation – don’t be – every handset on sale in the UK has to bear the CE mark meaning it complies with the European SAR requirement (specific absorption ratio)

cordless_headset_phone_wireless__Platinumcordless_headset_phone_wireless_plantronicsHopefully we’ve gained your interest in the term “cordless headset phone wirelessâ€. 
By ringing 0800 652 8052 and speaking to the advisors at TelephoneSystemsDirect we can explain more.  Telephone Systems Direct specialises in providing excellence in telecom solutions.  That’s why we’ve been voted SME Reseller of the Year recently. 

Call us for your cordless headset phone wireless solution.

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