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For cordless office phones make this the last web site.  We have a catalogue selection of cordless office phones from the leading manufacturers that is second-to-none in our inter-web store.  Just click on the icon above to browse.

cordless_office_phonesHere at TelephoneSystemsDirect we need you to get the most out of any cordless office phones we deliver – so we don’t receive any ear-ache afterwards!  So before coming to your own decision, pick up the phone and dial 0800 652 8052 so we can ask a question or two and then guide you to the right choice.  We’ll be questioning the distance you want to be away from your base; the type of building you are in; your talk time; etc.  All these have an impact on the cordless office phones technologies we’ll be recommending.  cordless_office_phones.pdf

In certain cases we’ll recommend a bluetooth headset linked to your existing desk telephone.  For others it will be DECT cordless office phones or Wi-Fi cordless office phones.  But for the ultimate in cordless office phones you might consider MOBEX.  This technology utilises your mobile so that you can have your extension calls delivered to you no matter where you are (providing you have a signal).

So please do place that free call to us on 0800 652 8052 to discover the most appropriate cordless office phones for your scenario.  Our prices are always keen – we’re seldom bettered!

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