cordless phone clocks

cordless_phone_clocksThe cordless phone clocks that seem to be most popular as this article is written are domestic alarm clocks with radio.

With the advent of multi-media through wireless internet access cordless phone clocks are automatically corrected giving you accuracy never present before with cellular cordless phone clocks.
cordless_phone_clocks_aAt Telephone Systems Direct we offer cordless phone clocks as an additional service to our main objective of supplying telecoms solutions to the business community throughout the UK.  With BEST BUY phone systems, low line rentals and excellent call tariff packs, we ensure our clients benefit from minimising their annual telephony spend in running their organisation.  Adding mobile packages with the inherent cordless phone clocks is something you’ll have to request from us.

Our primary cordless phone handsets, the DECT5020 and Wi-Fi SMTi-W5120 display clocks in idle mode.  These come with a superb 25% discount off the manufacturer’s recommended retail pricing.  cordless_phone_clocks.pdf

So for cordless phone clocks dial 0800 652 8052 today.

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