cordless phone handsets

cordless_phone_handsetsThere are so many cordless phone handsets available in the marketplace that it’s not surprising that you’ve resorted to the internet to find out more.  Fortunately your search for cordless phone handsets has led you to Telephone Systems Direct.  We’re the supplier where you’ll get your cordless phone handsets cheaper without having to ask.  cordless_phone_handsets.pdf

cordless_phone_handsets_SamsungFor instance…Samsung DECT300 and SMTi-W5120…we offer you 25% discounts off cordless phone handsets, corded phone handsets, OfficeServ7000 series phone systems and on parts for older products such as DCS, iDCS and OfficeServ (100 or 500).

cordless_phone_handsets_BTTelephoneSystemsDirect has been around since 1992 and having received the accolade of SME Reseller of the Year and being one of Samsung’s Platinum Business Partners, it assures you of excellence in all the services we have for you from cordless phone handsets to cheap calls and line rentals, installation, maintenance and consultation.

0800 652 8052 gets you in touch for cordless phone handsets and telecom solutions.

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