cordless phone headsets

cordless_telephone_headsetsAs this article is written the most popular of cordless phone headsets is the Plantronics CS351  cordless_telephone_headsets.pdf

At less than £100 each these cordless phone headsets are ideal for our clientele for everyday mobility in communications.

The best-selling cordless phone headsets as far as TelephoneSystemsDirect is concerned have been the CS60 which comes with the handset lifter accessory that is operated remotely by a press on the cordless phone headsets’ button, just behind the ear.

These cordless phone headsets have ranges in excess of the nominal 50M – we’ve had them operating at 100M from the user’s desk.  It does depend on the environment that the cordless phone headsets are being used in.

Telephone Systems Direct (dial 0800 652 8052) has been selling cordless phone headsets and solutions throughout the UK to businesses requiring freedom for their operatives.

The technologies utilised for the cordless phone headsets will either be BlueTooth or DECT dependant on the range you need them to work over.

Ring us on 0800 652 8052 for the unbeatable prices for cordless phone headsets and the best advice.

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