cordless phone line

cordless_phone_lineThe term “cordless phone line†has many different connotations:

cordless phone line: the GSM network provides a cordless phone line to your mobile

cordless phone line: the ordinary phone line coming into your home is a cordless phone line if you only have DECT handsets in the house.

cordless phone line: An analogue PABX extension can be a cordless phone line letting the owner of the desk to wander about the premises while remaining in touch.

cordless phone line: a wireless LAN can act as a cordless phone line allowing communications with Wi-Fi or IP-DECT phones.  This is a form of voice-over-IP (VoIP)  cordless_phone_line.pdf

cordless_phone_line_aAt Telephone Systems Direct we’ve been dealing in cordless phone line solutions since the technologies made them possible.

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