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cordless_phone_priceFor the best cordless phone price you’re reading the right article.

Welcome to Telephone Systems Direct.  We appreciate that people want value for their hard-earned money.  As you’re searching for a good cordless phone price then you won’t be displeased when we tell you that we’ll be offering you 25% discount (up-front, no quibbling) on the Samsung DECT5020 or SMTi-W5120 handsets.


The reason our cordless phone price is so attractive is because we receive a special rate from our supplier by being a Platinum partner and together with the volume of trade and our tight margins – it allows us to offer you excellent deals on top quality cordless phones.

cordless_phone_priceaThe cordless phone price from TelephoneSystemsDirect doesn’t just buy you the product but turns you into a respected client who can also benefit from our wealth of experience in deploying wireless solutions in differing environments.  We can advise whether DECT or Wi-Fi is going to perform better on your premises.

Perhaps all you’re chasing is a cheap and cheerful cordless phone price for two or three hand-sets with answerphone emulation.  Our cordless phone price will be competitive.

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