Cordless Phone System

For your cordless phone system solution please contact Telephone Systems Direct – they include DECT, Wi-Fi and GSM alternatives.  By contacting us on 0800 652 8052 we can discuss your cordless phone system requirement and suggest the most appropriate resolution.

cordless_phone_systemCordless_Phone_System_with_25_OFFWhether you’re a home or business user of a cordless phone system we can offer you a catalogue full of choices.  There will be a cordless phone system to link to your office PABX or a package that delivers single, dual, triple or quad handsets, with or without built in answering machine functionality from a variety of manufacturers.

The Samsung D5020 handset that is used in the DECT300 and DECT600 cordless phone system is pictured in this article.  If you already have a company-wide wireless LAN then you should consider the SMT-W5120 wifi IP phone.

Why not use your mobiles if you need a country-wide cordless phone system?  With MOBEX technology each worker’s mobile effectively becomes their extension.

Value-for-money cordless phone system solutions are available from TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052.Cordless_Phone_System_plat


Cordless_Phone_System Solutions

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