cordless phones

cordless_phonesCordless phones give your business staff freedom to move away from their desk and still be connected to callers.  With DECT and WiFi technologies there is a plethora of cordless phones to choose from.  cordless_phones.pdf

Unfortunately your choice of cordless phones require some careful thought and advice from the professionals to make sure you don’t end up with egg all over your face!  Dependant on the number of people that need to use cordless phones and the environment they are to be used in will dictate the technology that is most appropriate to your specific scenario.  All implementations should have a site survey conducted first to determine numbers of base stations to avoid black spots. (Note:  the author of this article spent many days in field trials with both forms of cordless phones and knows that the clients weren’t too impressed with performance with the one against the other, but it was the other way round elsewhere!)

So dial 0800 652 8052 now so that our advisors can guide you on cordless phones for your premises.  Hopefully we will convince you that the Samsung DECT300, DECT600 or SMTi solutions are applicable.  They all have a 25% discount from RRP at TelephoneSystemsDirect and are expertly installed. 

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