cordless sip phone

cordless_sip_phonecordless_sip_phone_-_XThe SMTi-W5120 from Samsung is a Wi-Fi cordless SIP phone. The DECT5020 is an IPDECT cordless SIP phone. Break it down into its constituent parts: 

DECT & WiFi: Digitally Enhanced Cordless & Wireless Fidelity Telephony – cordless (radio) technologies that cover ranges of up to 100 metres that’s OK for most houses and small businesses.  Larger companies will need additional repeaters to extend their coverage. Wi.Fi is also used for laptop communication but less secure than CAT5 or CAT6 cabling.

SIP: Session Internet Protocol – SIP circuits deliver multi-media services with higher bandwidths than Broadband could support.  This is all down to the national infrastructure improvements that have been promised.  This extends from the local exchange to street cabinets so is taking a long time.

phone: Short for telephone – a device to transmit and receive the spoken voice.  They come in all shapes, sizes and colours!

Bringing all three elements together and making it work faultlessly is what manufacturers like SamsungElectronics are good at.  However, it’s the likes of Telephone Systems Direct that install phone systems such as the SIP-enabled OfficeServ-7030 (BEST BUY rating from What to Buy for Business magazine) for clients throughout the UK so they can benefit from the mobility given by the cordless SIP phone.  cordless_sip_phone.pdf

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