cordless telephone headsets

cordless_telephone_headsetsThe market in cordless telephone headsets is very competitive.  cordless_telephone_headsets_bluetoothThe major manufacturers of cordless telephone headsets are Plantronics and GN Netcom (Jabra).  There are other contenders for your cordless telephone headsets business – namely Doro and Sennheiser.

TelephoneSystemsDirect can offer you cordless telephone headsets from any of these suppliers at pricing well below the norm.  We pride ourselves on taking as little margin on our accessory sales of items such as cordless telephone headsets as they are sold usually with a phone system.  Wanting to provide value for money Telephone Systems Direct keeps its overheads to a minimum by having a few very good salesmen answering callers enquiries that have been generated through our websites (you’re reading our marketing literature now), by selling loads and receiving preferential prices from the likes of Samsung.

cordless_telephone_headsets_cs50cordless_telephone_headsets_voyagerOur cordless telephone headsets solutions have transformed the way in which some of our clientele work, freeing them from their desks.  Once they have taken a trial unit, they very soon make the purchase, then a week later, order more!  cordless_telephone_headsets.pdf

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