cordless voip phones

The cordless voip phones from Samsung Electronics keep your organisation on the move…..they ensure that your workers remain in contact when they go away from their desks.  cordless_voip_phones.pdf

cordless_voip_phonesAt Telephone Systems Direct a 25% discount awaits you to give you the value for your hard-earned money deserves.  The D5020 cordless voip phones a re available in two basic packages: DECT300 and DECT600 while the SMT-W5120 hand-sets and SMT-R2000 WAP provides the best in WiFi VoIP for the office.  The entry-level 4 handset pack of the DECT-300 can be grown up to 12 whereas the DECT-600 will cope with a massive 480 registered handsets.  224 Wi-Fi cordless voip phones can compliment your OfficeServ7400 enterprise-class VoIP enabled voice servers or PABX with 128 on OfficeServ7200.

OfficeServ7000 and cordless voip phones transform the way you work and boosts your organisation’s efficiencies thus benefiting your clients.

For single cordless voip phones (with and without answering functions) our team can identify the most popular sellers and tell you about their features from Panasonic, BT  or other marques……in this case please dial 0800 652 8052.

To learn more about cordless voip phones and TelephoneSystemsDirect support services get in touch today….0800 652 8052.

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