cs55 wireless office headset

cs55_wireless_office_headsetThe CS55 wireless office headset will please your boys and girls!  Honest, it won’t mess up their hair as there are plenty of options.  With CS55 wireless office headset connectivity they can leave their work-station with the confidence that they can receive their calls merely by pressing the button on the side of their earpiece.

How does the CS55 wireless office headset work?  Communicating by DECT technology – when the telephone rings the base sends you a signal into the ear.  The user presses the office headset which orders the lifter to raise the handset putting the caller through.  When the conversation is finished another push terminates the call by dropping the receiver into its cradle.  cs55_wireless_office_headset.pdf

At Telephone Systems Direct we sent a trial CS55 wireless office headset to a customer who owns a small office and warehouse that ships medical items to local chemists.  They very soon ordered five CS55 wireless office headset units for the other employees – that’s a mark of client satisfaction!

0800 652 8052 gets you your Plantronics CS55 wireless office headset at the lowest price around and we can deliver working next day.

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