cs55_hA CS55H is the successor to the CS65.  These cordless headsets from the market leader – Plantronics, give more customer satisfaction – in our eyes – that most other manufacturers.

The CS55H uses DECT technology to signal between the base and head set.  A wire from the controller links to the handset lifter so that when the user presses the earpiece button the receiver lifts up connecting the caller even when you might be 100 metres away (that depends on the building)

When you read this article thing may have changed but here is a summary

•Choice of 3 wearing styles: over the ear, behind the neck and headband
•Up to 100m range (dependent upon environment), typically 50m in an office
•Up to 9 hours talk-time
•Fast battery recharge
•Receive volume control
•Mute and talk buttons
•Simple to install and use
•IntelliStand senses when the headset is removed or replaced in the charger unit to automatically pick-up or terminate a call (requires HL10lifter)

Ring 0800 652 8052 for your CS55H at the lowest price.  cs55h.pdf

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