data cable cat 6

data_cable_cat_6The difference between data cable cat 6 and data cable cat 5 is the construction.  There is a separator core that keeps the four twisted pairs further apart so reducing the cross-talk allowing higher frequency signals to be carried.

data cable cat 6: 
Delivers frequencies up to 250 MHz.  data cable cat 6a doubles that!  Fibre optic data cable gives Giga-bit speeds!  data_cable_cat_6.pdf

data cable cat 6:
Why choose data cable cat 6 against 5 or 5e?  Purely for speed.  Most organisations don’t need this throughput today, BUT, when you take into consideration how communications have been transformed since 2000 then who knows what’s around the corner?  For the small extra cost we think you’d be wise to consider the investment.

Still worried about data cable cat 6?  Then feel free to ring TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052.  Our advisors will chat to you about your requirement and recommend appropriately.  We’ve achieved the distinction of being SME Reseller of the Year and a Samsung Platinum Business Partner.  You don’t achieve those without good customer relations built over years of supplying excellence in telecommunications.

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