data cabling systems

data_cabling_systemsThroughout the World data cabling systems have transformed the way businesses manage themselves.  In the 1970’s and 80’s the transformation of phone systems led to millions of miles of CW1308 – but purely for telephony.  Then data cabling systems were of Ethernet cable – big thick, black, screened cabling that terminated in “D-Type†plugs and sockets – normally 9 or 25way.

During the 1990’s we saw CAT5 data cabling systems becoming commonplace allowing telecoms and data to share common wiring.  The data cabling systems didn’t care whether a telephone or computer was connected.  This let the IT Manager move staff about the premises easily – no longer did he have to call in two (or more0 engineers to effect personnel relocations.  data_cabling_systems.pdf

Now CAT6 data cabling systems have superseded CAT5e and for those who can afford it there are fibre-optic data cabling systems.  Only those who have a requirement to protect against theft of information through listening to radio emissions or who need speeds in the GigaBit ranges should consider such expensive data cabling systems.

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