data jacks

data_jacksThe term data jacks has changed over the last twenty years.  Back in the 1980’s data jacks were normally “D-type†connectors of 9, 15 or 25 way.  Every electronics engineer had to be able to solder wires to the pins in these data jacks to show he was competent.

Today data jacks look totally different – they are like a larger scale of the European telecom plug (that’s an RJ11).  The RJ45 data jacks are found in all offices today and are the termination outlets for a structured cabling system allowing anyone to move a device (phones or computers) from one place to another quickly and simply without having to send specially for engineers.  data_jacks.pdf

data_jacks_rj45You’ll usually find that the data jacks are all the same, but the cables themselves have a colour-coding to identify their usage in the comms room on the patch panels…..we use red for data and blue for voice with green and yellow being for specials such as ISDN lines.

Buying data jacks is plain sailing from any online store that sells electronic components.

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