data network cabling

In data network cabling the term “Data Cabling†applies to different ways of connecting together active devices. In the modern world data network cabling connects computers to servers, modems, back-up storage and the multi-media Internet.

data_network_cablingData network cabling has evolved to its current level of sophistication through many proprietary versions being brought to standardisation through agencies such as the TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association) which has helped develop national and international networking benchmarks.

In the UK & Europe our data network cabling will normally conform to CAT5, CAT5e or CAT6 specifications. Older telephony CAT3 is gradually being replaced with the newer formats.

It is crucial that your data network cabling is installed by competent technicians who understand, and have been trained, to the criteria of the data network cabling product specified. Some electrical contractors will offer to install your data network cabling system but without adhering to the installation requirements. The finished cabling will not necessarily provide the data throughput guaranteed by the standard.  data_network_cabling.pdf

TelephoneSystemsDirect supply all data network cabling items, qualified components and implement them such that a certificate of conformance can be supplied, guaranteeing the data speeds demanded by today’s IT managers.  Our rates are competitive and there are no hidden extras.  That’s what you’d expect from a former trophy holder of SME Reseller of the Year and a Samsung Platinum Business Partner!

Contact us on 0800 652 8052 to discuss your data network cabling requirement.

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