DCS programming

For skilled dcs programming dial 0800 652 8052.  The TelephoneSystemsDirect dcs programming technicians know their stuff so understand that if you perform some dcs programming on a feature there could well to be an impact elsewhere that an untrained person wouldn’t appreciate and therefore problems can be avoided.    DCS_programming.pdf

DCS_programmingHowever, customers are provided with a dcs programming tool that provides a user PC interface to enable simple changes to be effected.  Any change other than this should be performed by a specialist!

Our dcs programming can be made remotely in some instances if you’ve a modem connected (DCS systems) or you allow us through your firewall on IP-connected platforms like OfficeServ.

Telephone Systems Direct prides itself on its telecoms solutions and prior to the physical installation of a new OfficeServ7000 series we’ll be arranging a dcs programming meeting where we’ll identify each extension’s features, incoming trunk call delivery destinations, voicemail messages, etc.

We’re Samsung Platinum accredited and an SME Reseller of the Year trophy holder so we think you can be assured of quality in all our dcs programming and support activities.

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