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The ds5007s manual will tell you all the basics about the DS5007s terminal as well as  the rest of the OfficeServ 5000 range.

You can download your copy of the ds5007s manual from this page or view the documents section of this web site:


We think that our ds5007s manual is probably written in a more user-friendly format in words that youngsters can understand.  Our trainers have produced this version of the ds5007s manual after many hours of patiently listening to customers who’ve struggled with the full volume of the official ds5007s manual.

Even if you’re looking how to change the name shown in the display or changing the time, why not ring us up and talk to one of our training team.  They’ll help you over the phone without you having to read through the ds5007s manual.

You might possibly benefit from a half day visit by a trainer to refresh everyone in your office.  Protect your investment by getting the most out of it – use the more effective features for one-touch dialling, or directory calling.

We’re not a Samsung Platinum partner for fun.  WE will give you the best support package and not just a ds5007s manual.


Call today on 0800 652 8052.

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