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The DCS Samsung entered the UK market in 1996 together with the entry level the DCS Compact.  The DCS stands for Digital Communication System.

The next DCS Samsung was the DCS816 – another fixed-extension configuration with a choice of trunk cards allowing up to 8 DELs or ISDN channels.  Following on was the DCS Compact-II which was a best seller. It had 8 integral digi-ext-ports with three option slots and expandable to six with an expansion cabinet.

To reach the mini marketplace the DCS408a and DCS408i were introduced with eight extensions split 50% digital and 50% analogue.  The “I†suffix denoted the ISDN2 version of the DCS408 system.

The final DCS Samsung was the DCS-VIP.  This was a stackable, shelf-based platform, providing VoIP and internal server functionality.  Due to power supply problems this product was not successful, but there are DCS-VIPs still in use.

DCS_Samsung.pdf Explore the latest telephone technology here.

All DCS Samsung systems have been obsolete for many years (since the introduction of OfficeServ)

TelephoneSystemsDirect can offer maintenance support on any DCS Samsung.  It is more difficult to deliver all spares on the earliest DCS Samsung so we may have to suggest alternatives.

To get a DCS Samsung service agreement call us on 0800 652 8052.

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