DCS12The DCS12 is the shortened model name for the DCS12 keyphone designed by Samsung, the Korean manufacturer.  The DCS was a very popular telephone system but is now discontinued.  However all parts and accessories for the DCS PABX can still be purchased despite being obsolete.  As Platinum Partners we are still fortunate to be in a position whereby we can still source and provide all DCS equipment at fantastic prices.  The DCS12 phone for example has been discounted at 25% off the RRP resulting in a price of £112.50 excluding VAT.

The DCS12 has twelve programmable fast dial keys with tri coloured LED status indicators.  The DCS12 has a number of fixed keys for answer/release and hold.  The DCS12 also has a two line, thirty-two character adjustable LCD (liquid crystal display) screen making the DCS12 a very popular choice with DCS users.  The DCS12 is charcoal in colour and we are proud to say it was one of our best sellers.

The DCS12 can be despatched for next working day delivery using our premium courier service.  For more information on the DCS12 or the DCS PBX, then please contact one of our experienced DCS sales advisors on 0800 652 8052, we are only one phonecall away.

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