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dect_ansaphoneWe have DECT ansaphone models for every occasion.  In the home or in the office.  A DECT ansaphone provides the ability to give an out-of-office message or a greeting for unanswered calls as-well-as the freedom to take them anywhere.

In business you might use a DECT ansaphone in a very small company to handle callers when everyone else is busy.  At TelephoneSystemsDirect we would recommend you contact us so we can tell you which are the most popular sellers at present, and why, plus low-cost alternatives such as the OfficeServ7030 with integral voicemail.  dect_ansaphone.pdf

Probably the best DECT ansaphone available as this article is written is smooth and black: the great value Panasonic KX-TG5521EB digital phone has a rounded base-unit that incorporates an answering machine and speakerphone. Simply press the soft-touch button and you can talk to your heart’s content as you wander around. Or why not let the rest of the family join in the conversation?

Callers can leave you up to twenty minutes worth of messages and you can even retrieve them via the base unit, handset, or evenly remotely. The KX-TG5521-EB also has an illuminated blue 1.8†easy-to-read LCD screen and keypad, and navigation is through a central menu key that gives easy access to the comprehensive menus.

These are sold in Single, Twin, or Triple Packs.

0800 652 8052 connects you to Telephone Systems Direct for the cheapest deals on a DECT ansaphone.

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