dect cradle

dect_cradleThe latest DECT cradle from our online warehouse is the Samsung DECT5120.  This DECT cradle supports the handset when it’s not in use and supplies its power.  The DECT cradle is supplied with a plug top PSU keeping the DECT cradle as a small footprint so it sits comfortably on your desk.  The DECT cradle allows you to store the DECT-phone while you’re using your IP terminal or Softphone on your PC.  Moving elsewhere to speak to others simply reach for the DECT cradle, lift the DECT-telephone & pop it in your pocket. 

dect_cradle_-5120If you suspect you have a faulty DECT cradle just ring up your telephone maintainer and they’ll replace it under the terms of your cover.  Here at TelephoneSystemsDirect we keep spares of every DECT cradle we’ve ever sold so that our customers can be assured that when problems do arise with their DECT cradle or any other part of their DCS, iDCS or OfficeServ phone system, then putting it right is only a matter of hours away.

As a Platinum Business Partner we supply the BEST BUY OfficeServ7000 series including DECT & Wi-Fi solutions with 25% discounts available on new installations and additions.  dect_cradle.pdf

0800 652 8052 connects you to our staff so you can find out more about our range of DECT cradle parts.

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