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dect_handsetsBT’s latest DECT handsets with BIG BUTTONS are the Freestyle750 available directly from their website.

Binatone also provide similar DECT handsets – theirs is the Big Button 3200 as this article is written.

For businesses you’ll want a different style of DECT handsets such as Samsung’s DECT5020 that’s capable of roaming round your premises, always in touch, and with access to the full range of PABX facilities you’d expect from your desk phone.

dect_handsets_AMStarter packs of 2 or 8 DECT handsets are offered including base stations, handset chargers and PSUs.  For larger installations we can cope with 128 IPDECT or DECT handsets – is that enough for you?  dect_handsets.pdf

By phoning Telephone Systems Direct and chatting to an advisor, they can assist you to make an informed choice on DECT handsets. (Sometimes you’ll find Wi-Fi digital phones are better in your particular environment.  Let us help you discover which is best.

What to Buy for Business and Which? magazines are very good points of reference when buying a DECT handsets.  However, they cost money to buy – our advice is free!  Our prices for DECT handsets are among the cheapest in the UK – in fact 25% off on OfficeServ solutions.

Phone us on 0800 652 8052.

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