dect sms phones

BT-6410 dect sms phones are one of the High Street favourites as they can be purchased singly, in duet, triple or quad packs.

These dect sms phones provide you with easy-to-use SMS Messaging as well as the usual features such as caller ID, directory dialling, polyphonic or standard ring tones, handsfree calls, mute, transferring, conferencing, auto answer………

dect_sms_phonesEven if you work in a harsher environment such as a workshop, the Diverse 7200 robust additional handsets to the 7110, 7150, 7410 and 7460 dect sms phones are certainly what you require.  dect_sms_phones.pdf

In businesses these dect sms phones can be connected to analogue extensions of your PABX or OfficeServ7000 VoIP enabled voice server giving you a cheap and simple to use mobility solution.

Why TelephoneSystemsDirect for your dect sms phones?  Simple…..COST!  We are in a position to deliver dect sms phones to you more cheaply than other suppliers because we keep our margins very keen so that you can receive true value for your hard earned money.  Call us today for dect sms phones on 0800 652 8052.

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