device voip

Presumably your search for “did voip†is about Directed Inwards Dialling and Voice-Over-IP.  If it is then the OfficeServ7000 series of voice servers is just the product you’ll be looking for and TelephoneSystemsDirect the business to implement it for you.

DID VOIP means the your customers can dial a number that comes into your ISDN2 or ISDN30 pipe and then the call is announced over a VoIP connection to wherever you might happen to be (at Home, in a Branch Office, or even your Villa in Spain).  All did voip requires is broadband access at both ends and an IP terminal plugged into the router.

We do this nearly every week on new systems being installed, whether it’s an entry level OfficeServ7030 or a head quarters OfficeServ7400.  Our technicians have been trained on the functionality of did voip so that you can benefit from it whenever you need it. did_voip.pdf

So don’t delay a moment longer, pick up your handset and phone 0800 652 8052 to speak to an advisor about did voip.

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