digital cordless phone

digital_cordless_phonePoor performance & poorer batteries! – NOT what you want, is it??????

Fortunately at Telephone Systems Direct we care that when you order a digital cordless phone solution from us, you are happy with it and that it continues to perform.  We really don’t need any dissatisfied clients!

digital_cordless_phone_1The reviews of digital cordless phone handsets we recommend – for business “What to Buy for Business†– and for the general public: “Which? magazineâ€

Whichever of these periodicals you read will provide thoroughly tried and tested digital cordless phone models with good and bad ratings.  That’s why we tend to heed their advice ourselves when we fill up our warehouse with digital cordless phone stock.

digital_cordless_phone_2The best-selling digital cordless DECT phone for UK businesses is the DECT5020 and for wireless LANs the Wi-Fi SMTi-W5120 – they’re quality phones that our clientele approve of.  digital_cordless_phone.pdf

By dialling 0800 652 8052 our advisors can chat to you about the most popular digital cordless phone solutions.  At TelephoneSystemsDirect we supply Platinum accredited support and services.

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