digital telephone systems

digital_telephone_systemsThe digital telephone systems revolution came about in the 1980s in the UK when BT’s monopoly was broken and the market was opened up to competition.

The Samsung DCS was released in Europe in 1996 after gaining approval from BABT (British Approvals Board on Telecommunications) and from then has evolved through the DCS-ViP to the iDCS and now the OfficeServ range.  digital_telephone_systems.pdf

So what are digital telephone systems?  Let’s start with the old analogue telephone system.  It had two wires that transmitted audio as a variable signal imposed on either a 24vdc or 48vdc biased supply.  Circuits in the telephone systems had many large capacitors and inductors to reduce electrical noise.  With the advent of TDM technology (Time Division Multiplexing) the analog speech picked up in the handset was converted to 5v bits of ones and noughts and sent along the signalling cables to the digital telephone systems where switching was accomplished through microprocessors rather than through physical switched contact matrices.  Much quicker and less power demanding.

During the 1990s digital telephone systems moved into the IP industry (then referred to as the Data-Industry) where a war has ensued ever since.  Now we have the Internet to contend with and VoIP communications are no longer confined within the local area network, but span the globe.

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