digitalcordless_300The digitalcordless phone for business varies from business-to-business.  For the small office a solitary digitalcordless will allow you to make calls when you’re outside having a break.

In larger offices the digitalcordless telephone needs to be more feature-friendly allowing you to answer and transfer a call.  A discrete notification of an important message that’s just arrived  in your mailbox may well be crucial when you’re in a board meeting.

Is it Wi-Fi or DECT? That is the question with digitalcordless technologies?  Normally it’s the latter as these are generally cheaper to implement.  But if you already have a wireless LAN then choosing a digitalcordless like the Samsung SMTi-W5120 (25% discount with us), could be workable.  You’ll get full PABX features throughout your site without additional Wireless Access Points needing to be installed – thus making a saving.  digitalcordless.pdf

digitalcordless_dualThe environment could force you to choose one of these technology routes purely due to speech performance as they operate in different frequency bands and black-spots might occur dependant on your site’s construction.

Telephone Systems Direct has a wise selection of digitalcordless models from BT, Panasonic, Siemens ………and many others….with/without answer-phone machine built in… single, dual, triple…..up to networks of 128 handsets.

Call us on 0800 652 8052 for digitalcordless advice.

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