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This is the penultimate article in our series on ten things to consider when choosing a supplier.

Today’s technology has taken over.  Even the mechanic in the garage, has to rely on a computer to diagnose whether the car’s engine and suspension are in working order – it’s no use him being a magician with a spanner and a dab hand using his feeler gauges to set up your ignition any more!

phone_systems_011So if you are considering a capital equipment purchase such as phone systems or the latest in voice recorders you can be sure there are a number of suppliers of the product you’ve decided has the features and facilities your firm requires.  The burning question is, can they maintain it, or will they sub-contract it out?

It is far better with purchases like this that you have support from the vendor – you’ve experienced it before where someone else comes along to say “This hasn’t been fitted to the specification!â€Â  They will then charge you the Earth to put it right.  If it’s the company that installed it, then you do have a legitimate argument for having it corrected for free.

Check if the dealer has manufacturer accreditation – this tells you that they have been trained – but enquire how many of the technical team are qualified to service your OfficeServ7000 – the more of them there are, then you are guaranteed excellent cover.

phone_systems_009For phone systems there’s more to it than just the telephones themselves.  The technician should be aware of the complexities of CAT5, CAT6, ISDN2e, ISDN30e, Broadband, SIP, DECT, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DDI, CLI, ACD, and others!

Where you require additions, then again skill is a boon.  The awareness of how to implement any change to phone systems without taking them out of operation for hours will limit the down time where your staff cannot perform.

Hopefully you’ll have spoken to Les, Dave, Adrian, Damian, Danny and Tony and appreciate that we do have the knowledge on phone systems that’s the equal of any other phones systems provider.

Watch out for the Article 10 which will focus on Contactability.

For more information on this or any of the previously published topics – feel free to speak to us on 0800 652 8052.

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