doro headset

doro_headset_aThe cheapest Doro headset weighs in at under £20 end-user price.  The Doro HS125 headset is very light and combines fine design details with the freedom to tailor your headset to suit your style. The flexible microphone boom helps you find the best position for optimal voice quality.  doro_headset.pdf

Next up is the Doro headset HS1110: This classic, over-the-head headset is manufactured of lightweight material, making it one of the lightest in its class on the market. At just 40 g, the hs1110 will convince you that that less is more.

The Doro headset HS1120 and Doro headset HS1130 completes the wired portfolio available as this article is written.

doro_headsetThere are bound to be later models of Doro headset in our catalogue when you read these words, so please dial TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052 where our advisors will let you know which Doro headset is the most popular at present.

We’ve not yet mentioned the HS1910 cordless Doro headset.  Doro HS-1910 wireless headset including Handset Lifter that is an over the ear headset; 150m range; multiple wearing styles; 100 hour standby; noise cancelling m/c; volume control; 7 hr talk time; and one-button answer.

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