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doro_shop_HS1110doro_shop35905Looking for a DORO SHOP?  Then be green: don’t drive there, pick up the phone and dial 0800 652 8052 for the online Doro shop.  We have all the models from Doro available at the end of a telephone line.  Just have your credit card to hand when you get through to the Doro shop and we’ll deliver to your door next working day!doro_shop38698

doro_shop38366The warehouse behind our Doro shop has in stock: the 212IPC USB Broadband-phone, Care SecurePlus (with visual call-indicator), Congress 205 and 305, HearPlus EH340m, HS1910 DECT, Multi-Media headsets, PhoneEasy 337 IP-phone as well as the Doro one-piece plain ordinary phones.  doro_shop.pdf doro_shop_congress305

doro_shopaudioline-tel-2Don’t waste any more time trawling through endless web pages trying to find a better deal at a Doro shop, because you’ll be spending more than you’ll be saving with our competitive prices.

Ring 0800 652 8052 NOW for THE Doro shop.  Go on, you know it makes sense – and a call to us costs you NOTHING!

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