ds 100

ds_100The ds 100 should be correctly entitled the iDCS100.  The ds 100 was the successor to the DCS Compact II and introduced the ability to send calls using VoIP technologies.  In most nearly all other respects it was no different from its predecessor. It was a short-lived model and soon replaced by the OfficeServ100.

The ds 100 has eight keyset extension ports integrated as standard on its back-plane so it was only required to add a trunk card to have a functioning system.  The ds 100 had 3 optional card-slots allowing SVMi-4 (2-port or 4-port) voicemail; 4TRK or 8TRK trunks; 2BRI or 4BRI – 4 or 8 channels of ISDN2; 8DLI and 8SLI digital and analogue extensions.   ds_100.pdf

By adding one of the Expansion chassis types (A or B) another 3 cards could be added to the configuration including DCS-styled SVMi-8 for greater VM capacity and/or a TEPRI 30 channel ISDN30 interface.

Telephone Systems Direct is able to keep your ds 100 up and working as we have spares despite the product having been obsolete for a number of years.

0800 652 8052 for support on your ds 100.

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