ds 5007s user

ds 5007s user

The ds 5007s user has the entry level OfficeServ display terminal on their desk.  With seven programmable buttons the ds 5007s user can have their telephone configured to make them really efficient.  The ds 5007s user only has to press a single key to activate the most used features and to dial their favourite people.

To set up the ds 5007s user programmed keys you should refer to the ds 5007s user guide.  This can be downloaded in pdf format ds 5007s user.pdf  by clicking on the link provided.

At TelephoneSystemsDirect we pride ourselves on keeping the ds 5007s user working for you.  Whenever your ds 5007s user has a problem you need to let us know on 0800 652 8052.  If the ds 5007s user needs refresher training then please get in touch with our trainers who will be more than happy to arrange a session for you and the ds 5007s users.

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