DS 5007S

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If you have located our new ecommerce website, then you are no doubt trying to find out about the DS 5007s and how to use it.

This a keyphone designed and manufactured by Samsung, the Korean Manufacturer and has seven programmable fast dial keys.  It also has a two line, thirty-two character LCD (Liquid crystal display) adjustable screen, which shows how long you have been in you recent phone call.


How to work the DS 5007s is easy – We can provide you with the DS 5007s user manual which teaches you how to do the following things:
•    How to change the DS 5007s to headset working!
•    How to add a speed dial onto the DS 5007s
•    How to do conference calling on the DS 5007s
•    How to transfer calls on the DS 5007s
•    How to put a c    all on hold
•    How to divert phonecalls to a mobile on the DS 5007s


The DS 5007s is a remarkable keyset because the DS 5007s can do just about anything.  Not only is the DS 5007s fully functional with amazing features, but the DS 5007s is only discounted at 25% off the recommended retail price (RRP) making the DS 5007s only £75 excluding VAT.  Placing your DS 5007s order today can ensure that your DS 5007s is despatched for next working day delivery using our premium courier service.

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