dsl phone cable

Having dsl phone cable today tells us you’re at the forefront of technology. 

What does the term dsl phone cable actually mean?  The dsl acronym is for Digital Subscriber Line and phone stands for transmission of voice signals over a distance by cable or other means.

Nowadays we’re talking about SIP trunks.  These deliver multi-media applications over essentially a new branding of Broadband.  What we have experienced for many years is ISDN, but this is not capable of delivering sufficient bandwidth for today’s memory hungry devices.

You can have A dsl phone cable or S dsl phone cable – A being for Asynchronous and Synchronous.  You’ll pay much higher tariffs for S- dsl phone cable than A- dsl phone cable lines.

dsl_phone_cableWhichever type of dsl phone cable you are considering you should speak to one of our advisors who can offer guidance.  0800 652 8052 is the number to dial.  The advisor will also give you information on the OfficeServ7000 series to compliment your dsl phone cable.   dsl_phone_cable.pdf

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