DSL Phone Line

dsl_phone_lineWhat is a dsl phone line? dsl phone line.pdf

Well there are two flavours of dsl phone line – firstly there what many people at home know as Broadband which is more correctly known as ADSL.

This A- dsl phone line is Asynchronous – which means you only get transmission of data in one direction at a time – either send or receive.

In business the other format is an S- dsl phone line. This is Synchronous – identifying that you can upload or download simultaneously – but this comes at a higher tariff and you pay for the speed you require to run your office efficiently.

dsl_phone_line_-platinumToday we are getting nearer to the replacement for a dsl phone line – that will be a SIP phone line. These high-speed digital subscriber lines (dsl phone line) will soon become commonplace throughout the UK delivering multi-media broadcasts, video on demand, HD TV and Heaven knows what else to us all – WATCH OUT for the costs initially – and wait until all the engineers have been fully trained.

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