Electronic Call Forwarding

Electronic_Call_ForwardingElectronic call forwarding can be implemented in a variety of ways:  instantaneous diversion of calls to find the person you’re after, or stored conversations that can be forced delivered.  electronic call forwarding.pdf

The Samsung SVMi20e electronic call forwarding system used on any of the OfficeServ7000 series of VoIP enabled telephony platforms will provide your business with the many features and facilities that you’d pay much more for from other providers.


electronic_call_forwardingIndividuals can use electronic call forwarding to have their call follow them within the office, or ring their mobile-phone or be deposited in their voice mail box.  The system’s electronic call forwarding functionality can change each incoming DDI call destination dependant on the time-of-day or day-of-week.  Where your caller has actually left a message and it hasn’t been listened to after a few minutes, then the electronic call forwarding will try up to five alternative telephone numbers to alert you that you have messages to action.  Also this electronic call forwarding application will convert them into wav files and electronically send them into your eMail inbox.

At TelephoneSystemsDirect we can help you with electronic call forwarding solutions.  Call us on 0800 652 8052.

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