Enterprise Business Telephone Systems

Call Centre Telephone Systems is an area that we are experts in due to the amount that we have installed and maintained over the years.  When purchasing Call Centre Telephone Systems it is extremely helpful for you, the customer, to understand some of the features and be able to choose the right ones for your company.  Call_Centre_Telephone_Systems.pdf Call_Centre_Telephone_Systems

Automatic call distributor (ACD) this is used in most call centres. It queues callers and distributes the calls to agents. It includes the ability to generate statistics.

Average speed of answer (ASA) the time it takes for calls to be answered, monitoring at peak and off-peak times is essential in order to get a true reading. Staffing levels can be determined with these figures.

Caller line identification (CLI )the incoming phone no. of clients.
Computer telephony integration (CTI )The method of connecting your phone-system to your database.

Please dial 0800 652 8052 and speak to us a telephonesystemsdirect with your Call Centre Telephone Systems enquiries.  We are Samsung platinum dealers, established since 1992.

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