entry systems

entry_systemsThe door entry systems for your premises really select themselves.  If the entry systems handsets are accessible by the general public then you require one that is vandal proof.  Should the entry systems handset be in a secure reception area then an ordinary phone might suffice.

At Telephone Systems Direct we have a good choice of entry systems available for you.  From the Racal RA711 at over £500, through Hygeia Sterile Area entry systems to the Samsung weatherproof entry systems.

entry systems are not to be confused with release mechanisms.  The terminals alerts the staff within a building that a visitor wishes to gain entry.  They then need to press a button to activate the releasing electronics.  Most entry systems have coded keypads so that authorised entry is possible without the intervention of those inside.  The entry systems of any DCS, iDCS or OfficeServ key-system/PBX interface to the lock-releasing unit so that when the DOOR key is pressed on any extension key-set, the latch is released.   entry_systems.pdf

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