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OfficeServ7000 equipment pbx leaves the others standing in terms of value for money.  You’ll be receiving features and facilities in the OfficeServ7030 equipment pbx that you’d expect to be paying more than double for with the competition.  That’s why “What to Buy for Business” magazine said that the 7030 (and its sister 7400) was GOOD VALUE.  equipment_pbx.pdf

equipment_pbxAt TelephoneSystemsDirect we pride ourselves on our telephony solutions for the business community across the length and breadth of the UK.

Cabling equipment pbx:  Our technicians are more than happy to bring your cable infrastructure up-to-date with CAT5e making it simple for you to be able to relocate personnel in a matter of minutes without having to call in the data an telephone specialists.  The cabinet equipment pbx installation will be well laid out and patching simplified with different colours to make identification of PC and phone links easy.

VoIP equipment pbx:  Yes, all the 7000’s can provide voice-over-ip for internal and external use.  We will check your routers and switches are fit for purpose so that you achieve high quality conversations over your LAN.  Unfortunately there’s no guarantee over the internet as yet.  SIP trunks are moving in this direction but until the whole country is upgraded, you can’t be certain. (See our warnings in our article on QOS)

0800 652 8052 connects you to our advisors where they can chat to you on all the aspects of equipment pbx and the support services this Samsung Platinum Partner can offer your organisation.

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