extension phone wireless

extension_phone_wirelessAn extension phone wireless connection will probably use DECT (digitally enhanced cordless telephony) technology, or more recently Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity).

Purchasing an extension phone wireless handset is simply a matter of dialling 0800 652 8052, speaking to one of TelephoneSystemsDirect‘s advisors and advising what you’re trying to achieve.  They’ll listen carefully before giving guidance on extension phone wireless solutions and terminals.

Ensuring you have adequate range for your extension phone wireless terminal could be a problem you don’t have to contemplate, but in larger business premises you’ll certainly find that extension phone wireless repeaters will be a necessity.

One thing is clear at Telephone Systems Direct and that is we are competitive when it comes to pricing!  If you are contemplating a DECT5020 extension phone wireless package then we’ll be able to knock 25% discount off the RRP from Samsung.  extension_phone_wireless.pdf

Call us about your extension phone wireless solution on 0800 652 8052.

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