fax phone line

fax_phone_lineJust why would you bother with a fax phone line now?

Having a dedicated fax phone line is not a commercial option in our opinion, unless you still utilise fax as an important means of communicating with your customers.

At the turn of the Century it was debateable that a fax phone line was a necessity.  However, since the development of email and portable document format PDF files and scanners the utilisation of the fax phone line must have fallen to almost zero in most offices…that is apart from the junk mail that has a habit of arriving every morning.

If you do believe you need a fax phone line then think about the line rental costs.  Having a separate analogue phone line is no longer sensible.  It would be far more economical to use a DDI number on an ISDN circuit instead. 

Need to chat to someone about your fax phone line?  Feel free to phone the team at TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052.  fax_phone_line.pdf

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