fiber optic cabling

Fiber_Optic_CablingIt’s true that fiber optic cabling makes the World go round!  The author wishes that he had a penny for every metre of fiber optic cabling that’s been manufactured, then he wouldn’t have to write any more articles on telecoms!

The backbone of most PTT’s networks consists of fiber optic cabling.  In offices fiber optic cabling is usually a single strand of multi-mode fibre linking data hubs whereas for national and international usage there will be perhaps a thousand filaments in one heavily armoured cable.

In a larger office where the structured cabling limits are stretched, then by fitting fiber optic cabling between two fiber optic switches or routers it saves the day.  Installing fiber optic cabling is specialised and you do require a technician who has been trained and certified for that product.  Fiber_Optic_Cabling.pdf

By dialling 0800 652 8052 the advisors at Telephone Systems Direct can arrange for your fiber optic cabling installation.

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