fiber optic network cables

fiber_optic_network_cablesMost fiber optic network cables come from the USA.  Fibre optic network cables are from the UK. 
It’s all about getting your R’s and E’s in the correct order!

All fiber optic network cables deliver digital data at Gigabit speed.  This is important if the amount of traffic in your business network is very high.  In copper network cables you can achieve up to 100 MHz throughput with CAT5 and CAT5e and slightly more with CAT6.  fiber_optic_network_cables.pdf

These fiber optic network cables require specially trained technicians to install them, and the costs of terminations and patch leads and panels is far higher than their metal cable equivalents, so seek advice before committing to fiber optic network cables.

0800 652 8052 is a sensible number to ring – chat to Les or Danny about fiber optic network cables – they speak frankly and won’t recommend something you don’t need.  We didn’t get our trophy as SME Reseller of the Year recently by giving our customers poor recommendations.

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