fiber optic network design

fiber_optic_network_designYour fiber optic network design will depend on a number of factors:  the size of your organisation, the distance to be covered, the amount of traffic travelling between nodes, the type of ground and the depth of your pockets!

fiber_optic_network_design_-_constructionDeciding on the correct fiber optic network design is not an exact science, although “experts†will say that it is. Why fiber optic at all?  Well, it’ll probably be because the distances to cover are greater than can be accommodated by copper networks using CAT5 or CAT6, it might be because the volume of data demands you operate at Gigabit speeds, or it could be purely for security.

Having decided that you do need a fiber optic network design then you’ll want to know what construction of fiber optic network cable to use and how it’s terminated so that you fiber_optic_network_design_-_patchchoose the right active devices.  fiber optic network design.pdf

Shop around.  Ask two or three fiber optic network design firms what they recommend – be sure you understand why they have reached the design they have and enquire about future growth, because, as you have seen, the way in which we communicate has been transformed since the turn of the Century.

The advisors at TelephoneSystemsDirect can be contacted on 0800 652 8052 with regards to fiber optic network design.

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